Clinical Experience Agreements are necessary to define the legal responsibilities of our institution and your school training program. We hope this information serves as a resource to assist in defining your role during time spent within the HealthPartners system and answer frequently asked questions regarding the next steps in the process of setting up your specific clinical experience.

First, let’s determine your experience…

Are you a STUDENT or TRAINEE?: In this role you are enrolled in a school with which we need an affiliation agreement in place prior to your clinical experience start date. Next steps include:

  1. Confirming a preceptor
  2. Working with your school to confirm an agreement is in place
    1. If yes, determine the next steps in beginning your experience with your preceptor.
    2. If no, work with your preceptor to fill out an agreement request form

Agreement Request Form

Please submit this completed for to in the Office of Health Professional Education. Please note: The process to complete a new clinical training agreement could take up to 3 months.

Are you an OBSERVER?: In this role you are not currently enrolled in a school with which we have an affiliation agreement and will not have any direct patient contact.  You plan to “shadow” a clinician or any HealthPartners staff member. Please see additional information on our Observer webpage.

For questions regarding residency related program letters of agreements please contact: