If someone has requested to observe you, the following is required by HealthPartners:

  1. Only those persons with prior approval from clinic management will be allowed to observe in clinic or procedure centers.
  2. All observers must check in, show identification and complete the following form before proceeding into the clinic/procedural room or any adjacent patient care areas. HealthPartners Observer Packet
  3. Patient must provide consent before an observer is allowed into the patient room for a procedure or exam. This consent must be documented in the patient’s chart.
  4. To limit congestion in the clinical/procedure room, only one observer may be in any room unless prior arrangements have been made with clinic management.
  5. The staff nurse, CMA/RMA and staff physician may use their discretion when allowing an observer to remain throughout the procedure.
    1. The observer may not be in the exam/procedure room until after the patient gives consent.
    2. If there is a complication in the procedure/clinic visit, the staff nurse or staff physician may ask the observer to leave the room.