HealthPartners has a unique opportunity to more effectively and efficiently train the clinicians of tomorrow within an educational model built upon the Triple Aim of patient care, experience and affordability, “teaming competencies” , and practicing to the limits of license. The Office of Health Professional Education is engaging the clinical education community in the discussion and nurturing connections to support the co-creation of the graduate education system of the future.
We believe the Twin Cities is poised to take a leadership position in this approach. To tap into this experience and passion, the team hosted its second Clinician Educator Community of Practice event in April 2016 at the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis, MN.
Almost 100 people participated in the event to discuss two challenging topics in a practical and collaborative way.

Discussions from the event were captured in the video links below to provide an opportunity to reflect, revisit and share with our community.

Event introduction
Clinical Education: Past, Present, and Future

What will the health care team of 2020 look like?
Healthcare Team of the Future Introduction

Art Wineman on Healthcare Team of the Future
Nacide Ercan-Fang on Healthcare Team of the Future
Tasha Gastony on Healthcare Team of the Future
David Homans on Healthcare Team of the Future

Transition to team based care
Values of Value Program
Evaluating the Value Program

Meeting Needs of the Community
Comments on the Value program
Healthcare Team 2020- What We Can Do

What will practice-ready mean in 2020?
Practice Ready Introduction

Gwen Verchota on what Practice Ready Means
Charlie Lias on what Practice Ready Means
Shannon Neale on what Practice Ready Means
Cheryl Magnuson Giese on what Practice Ready Means

Clinical Focus
Team Focus
Identifying Competencies
Preceptors, Mentors, and Value of Trainees

Closing Comments
Wrap Up
Multidisciplinary Engagement
Self Care Competencies-
Reducing Burnout
Educational Mortgage

Next steps include the beginning of a co-created HealthPartners graduate education design process through working groups based on people, quality, experience and stewardship. These working groups will explore the development of a future workforce model and teaming competencies to support patient and family centered care based on the triple aim.

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