Panelists and audience members wrapping up the 2016 Community of Practice event with a discussion about educational mortgage. Join the conversation — share your ideas with us.

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Sarah Tupper · March 21, 2017 at 11:38 am

Interesting comments. Most NP schools won’t even accept students into their programs without 3+ years of experience as a bedside RN. Many have a lot more than that by the time they decide to pursue NP school. I’m not sure that scribing & observation would be useful to these folks. What about starting small and offering to cover their health insurance while they go to school? Most of us would like to decrease our FTE while in NP school, but can’t because that would cause our health insurance to be unbearably expensive, thus our educational mortgage would be even higher by the time we graduate. Or what about offering a leave with living stipend and guaranteed spot held until the student graduates (if they are already employed in a health system)? Mayo has an NP residency such as this (minus the paid health insurance). Curious to hear the thoughts of others.

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